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Default Re: Harmon Collins Rotors ?????

Hi guys, I'm still alive and well

had to perfect a method to punch down the first I thought i could just "punch them down but they ended up breaking. So, I had to make a tool that spins and heats up the brass allowing them to fold down nicely without damaging them. Only so many were produced, I can't afford to waste any of them.
Another thing my friend pointed out was that these systems are 6v, and plug gap is .025" so 'Cap terminal' to 'Rotor terminal' clearance is important; that clearance between the brass electrodes on each side of the rotor (180 degrees apart) is important.
The rotors ARE done; however I just finished making ANOTHER tooling to grind down evenly for a more precise clearance.... this will insure a better spark at the plug!

Sorry for the delay, should have them all ready to ship soon. My friend helping me with the project took off for 3 week vacation....(Why don't I have such luck

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