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Default Re: 8BA compression issues

Im not an expert on Flattys for sure, done the normal pull plugs replace & tune it up. I e had many Mid Ď60ís GM engines apart & think after building startup should happen right after rebuild to seat everything, more time unstarted amplifies w Unstarted new rebuild low compression is possible until seating internals. That one left the garage so try this before disassembly. Drain a quart of oil & replace w STP poured equally in each spark plug holes & turn the engine over letting STP coat cylinders & rings. Lightly Redress plugs w point file reset & Replace plugs, prime carb w fresh gas (have fire extinguisher handy) no ethanol if possible & see if she fires up. If so if all sounds good donít shut it down & let run for 30 or so minutes. STP should give compression a boost needed to more easily start as long as if as stated all setup right when built.
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