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Default Re: 8BA compression issues

If you're seeing a good solid "lapping" area on the valves/seats, you really should be good to go. I would blue die-chem (or magic marker) the seats as well - just to make sure that the seat has a really nice lapped area (that there is no issues with out of round or other sealing conditions).

On the intake side, I've turned the stand such that the deck is parallel to the ground (down) and poured a little lacquer thinner into the port (use a syringe) - then you can look on the chamber side of the valve for any weeping around the valve. If you find one, just use fine lapping compound and do it again - until none are weeping.

You can do similar tricks on the exhaust - is just a bit more of a pain to do . . . so the vacuum cleaner might be your friend.

Good luck!
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