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Default Re: Rewiring . . . What would you do different?

I would not suggest using any wire less than 14 gauge on a 6 volt system. I rewired my car and used 10 gauge up to the fuse block, 12 gauge for headlights and wiper motor and 14 gauge elsewhere. Remember with a 50 watt headlamp, the current at 6 volts is more than 8 amps. 10 feet of 12 gauge is about 0.02 ohms, so the voltage drop in the wire alone is nearly 0.2 volts. 16 gauge is about 3 times the resistance per foot which means 0.6 volts is lost. Don't forget there are losses in the switch and the connectors. Nearing 1volt loss is quite a chunk out of the 6 volts total.

If you want to flash indicate the stop lights, you must run the brake lights to the direction indicator switch or else the relay.

I color coded the cables but only used modern wire matching as closely as possible the original Ford plan.

I also added a bakelite 4 fuse box replacement normally used for a Volkswagen Beetle because it looked "period". I mounted it on the firewall next to the central junction box for power distribution after the ammeter to four individual fuses for lights, direction signal, horn and wiper motor.

Wiring is fully loomed: no loose strands anywhere.

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