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Default Re: Rewiring . . . What would you do different?

Originally Posted by History View Post
The wiring on mine was in very poor shape, many times spliced together and paper (freezer)? tape used to wrap it. The tail/brake light wire was ran the wrong way (around, over) things and was not long enough. There were three sets of plugs and wire about a foot long added to the end of it as extensions with paper tape.

I do have a question,,,,,, my head light sockets I guess have been replaced and the wire,, not the plug would fit in and a screw tightened to hold it. The plugs on the new harness will not fit in these sockets. What would you fellows do,,,,, cut the plugs off and strip the wire and insert or do they make socket transitions that would do both????

Not doing a show car so that doesn't matter but I hate to destroy the end of it in case the next owner would like to restore.
Can you post a pic of the socket and plug?
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