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Default 8BA compression issues

I have been restoring a 1951 Ford Victoria for the past 6-8 years' The engine was rebuilt in a local machine shop 6 years ago. The engine sat unused until recently. It was in a dry, climate controlled building during this time. Every few months I added MMO to each cylinder and turned the motor over. The car has now been restored and placed on the frame. I have been unable to start the motor in spite of the fact that the carburetor, has been professionally rebuilt, the distributor ,which is NOS, has been set up on a Sun machine and the remainder of the ignition system is new. There is fuel coming from the accelerator pump and there is a good spark at the plugs when grounded on the block. The system is 6 volt and positive ground. The tdc was set by putting a rubber cork in #1 , turning the engine over until the cork popped. The pointer points at the bump on the crank pulley. When I did not get ant apparent firing, I decided to (belatedly since the engine was rebuilt) check the compression. All cylinders are 29-30 pounds. I am at a loss to explain this. I can understand that with the prolonged sitting some of the rings might have become stuck, but not all of them. BTW the engine was bored, the crank reground and the cam reground at a cam shop. New pistons,rings, bearings etc. Ideas.?
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