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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
I'm not moving valves. I have too much work in the center exhaust port alone to scrap that idea. The best I could do would be to provide a casting that is not machined at all in the valve areas and let the customer machine them where he wants. OR, I could do one (or however many) special order which would cost a ton to program.

Ron has pretty much hit what I'm aiming at. I am working on the ports a little as I finish the external details. Thickening the deck alone, and making blind deck bolt bosses is challenge enough with the limitations of the block parameters. Let me get something that is better and then I can always make reasonable changes after that prototyping is complete. If I can get 5 or 10 of these spoken for then we can think about other things if need be.

I will post more details asap. Daily work will be getting back in the way now that the holiday is over.


Tod, just a quick comment on cylinder head bolts, blind holes and deck thickness. I understand that Mark Kirby decided to go to, I think, 3/8" heads bolts for a couple reasons.

First and foremost he believed that the smaller diameter fasteners would deflect the deck less and actually the fasteners would "yield" thereby actually increasing clamping force.

The other reason was this change actually freed up a little space between the bolt holes closest to the cylinders to allow room for larger bores.

Just food for thought as if you don't have enough to think about already. Lol! Sorry
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