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Folks had a completely different way of thinking back in that era. They were simply trying to make the best cars they could for the lowest amount of dollar value in order to get a price that would sell and a car that would attract as many buyers as possible. Obsolescence is there whether planned or not as time, the elements, and general design appeal changes.

The general design of the Ford flathead V8 has limits built in by its size. I think subtle changes is all you can get and still get the OEM stuff and to a limited degree aftermarket or hop up stuff to fit. It's worth checking to see what all the limits are. Folks just have to keep in mind that not much can be done to change that without a total redesign affecting all the fit of most of the OEM parts. A completely new design loses some appeal when many folks just want a usable near original type design. It's too easy to go back to a small block Ford or Chevy engine to get greater performance. Nostalgia types might look at the OHV Cadillac or Oldsmobile V8s of the era to get more performance as they did back in the day. The hold outs generally just put that blower on there to make the old flatty breath.
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