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All great stuff!

Pushing the Boundaries: I love the conversation and that we're talking about things that are beyond where the new design should go (for purposes of being applicable for the MOST people). It is not that Tod should do all the things we're pondering, but by having the discussion we encourage critical and creative thinking. Sometimes thinking about things that stretch the boundaries of the design or working design envelope - help us make better design decisions for WHAT ends up being in the final design. I always try to think beyond where my design will go - as I tend to make better designs as a result. Also, it may be that 'Version 1' has features A, B, C . . . but I might leave room for features D, E in the future (as an option) - and by knowing that I MIGHT do them later, I just may make some provisions in my Version 1 to leave that future door open.

Valve Sizes, Ports and Bowl Work: There is probably not much of a reason why a bigger than 1.5" exhaust valve is needed . . . as a matter of fact, at the horsepower levels that are obtainable I'm sure even a 1.4" ex valve would work. Personally, I would love to try a 1.8" intake and a 1.4" exhaust - with good ports for both. I believe I can make more HP on the intake side of things . . . than I can get today. Of course, having better port designs and flow will be key. The idea of lowering the intake valve port floor and guide a bit - can surely help. Having more port width (in the intake) would also help. In the end the bowl area will probably be the most important as the stock design is a bit of a mess. I'd take stock guides diameters if I had a better shaped bowl and could contour the top of the stock guide to blend into a nicely formed bowl. JWLs book shows a lot of what can/should be done in the bowl area.

Keep the ideas and discussion going . . . it is awesome that we're all discussing these things to together as a group and that Tod is an active participant.

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