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Default Re: Truck based woody

With a lifetime of custom woodworking as my vocation running neck and neck with a hobby (obsession) with old ford trucks it was just a natural progression. Something I just had to try. Thanks to that fateful trip to Bob Brown's 'The Sportsman Shop' in Alger Wa. 20 some odd years ago, I learned that one doesn't need state of the art tooling to do good quality work, as witnessed by his masterful wood convertibles. Many of my contemporaries in this field have huge, well equipped shops with Gigantic and complicated looking German and Swiss made woodworking machines with self feeders and LED readouts and 3 phase power. Funny, we get most of the high end work here. We have a couple of early makita chop saws, 2 table saws from yard sales (powermatic and unisaw), 1930's 6" delta joiner, a router table andthree ww2 vintage bandsaws, and a 20" taiwanese planer. Typical sanders and power planes, routers, with a drawer full of chinese bits from Grizzly. Oh and 2 really cluttered shops. Thanks for the continued support in my efforts. I'm making patterns and taking notes. I have spent more time researching, mocking up, re-doing and figuring and re-doing again than I have actually spent on constructing. Next time I will have full sized patterns, and the rear quarters will be completed and assembled on the bench, not one piece at a time stood up on the chassis!
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