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Default Re: Truck based woody

The header has 2 wood 'biscuits' , two dowels and a 6" x 5/16" star drive construction lag into each maple post. I have the steel now to fab the welded interior brackets as well. It will also have another wood member approx 2" x 5" attached to it at at near 90 degrees that will be routed for the ceiling slats. The front header will be similar in most respects. My truck woodie was never intended to look anything like the Ford built station wagon. It will look a bit like a '40 Ford woodie wagon, but not a whole lot. It would never get points at pebble beach, that's for sure....That tool is a tire bead breaker. I would be lost without it. I have broken down countless truck tires on split rims with it, as well as modern tubeless tires. I use a cheater pipe often on the lever. Beads come loose with this thing. They have to.....
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