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Default Re: 59 AB engine rebuild

1. Go fast, what are the part numbers for the valve seals ?

Ans. We order the seals from the mfr (Global), either 100 or 500 at a clip, depending on our inventory level at the time we order, our part number in the computer is VS-1025, not sure about the original mfr number? I don't have that available.

2. or better yet what engine are they actally for,

Ans. Not sure?? We buy them by size & material, .343" x .500" x Viton. There are other sizes but this fits the Flathead guides nicely.

3. are the phospher bronze bushings from goodson a good way to go?

Ans. The K-line or Goodson liners are the brand we use, #KL-1958 I believe is correct number.

4. how thick is your torque plate?

Ans. The plate measures 1.500" and has been made in house to handle a few different operations, the 2 main ones being the final honing and locating the dowel pins.

5. anyone know if a boring bar stand off plate for boring blocks without removing head studs will work in place of a torque plate?

Ans. Would most likely be a bad idea, not much boring from the deck surfaces is being done anymore, most are done from the mains.

6. Thank for you many contributions in the past , I really learn a lot from all here!

Ans. Thanks, you're very welcome.

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. We make much of our own tooling, dedicated to each procedure. We have a very specific setup to install & size the bronze liners in the Flathead guides. With the block plate setup as it was built we are able to dowel-pin a block here today and install pre-pinned heads (maybe done at a much later time) for a perfect fit. It makes every pinning operation "standardized".
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