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Default Re: 36 hubcap restoration

I just finished getting my center hubcap covers on. After drilling the hole on the back side to use my compressor to blow them off, I was able to work on them. When I tried to get the centers back on, I had difficulties. I tried the freezer method and the grease method, but I was not successful. I talked to two different individuals on how they did something like that, but they really didn't have any good suggestions.

I finally decided to slowly bend out the edges of the center rings and then used the gallon paint can method with some cloth to prevent damage. I must admit, it took about 3-4 hours per hubcap to be able to get the center stainless cover to fit back over the hubcap.

I finally got the covers on and then made a tool to tap the edge of the rim to ensure that the cover would not come off. Hopefully I have tapped the edge enough.

Thanks for all the tips that I have read.
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