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Originally Posted by MALAK View Post
I'm guessing the head gasket is beginning to fail. When cyl 2 is on its power stroke cyl 3 is on its intake stroke and vice versa when cyl 2 is on intake cyl 3 is on power. If the hot gasses from either cylinder are crossing to the adjacent cyl the incoming air/fuel charge could be ignited. Resulting in a backfire through the carb.

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There was discussion in a thread here a while ago as to whether it is even possible for a backfire to happen through the carby. Some argued that a BACK fire would only be the explosion of unburnt gasses in the exhaust (ie, out of the back of the engine) and that a "cough" through the carby would be a FORWARD fire. I thought it an acedemic difference but it would at least be more accurate and avoid misunderstandings.
This post reminded me of it.
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