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Default Re: Old Points or Modern Points

Originally Posted by H. L. Chauvin View Post
Hi JOES31,

Old points or Modern Points?

Just one compassionate opinion -- one thoughtful scenario.

1. You & your wife decide to take a vacation in your Model A which does not have all of the Model A Ford type parts sold by all of the Model A vendors.

2. On the third morning out, you see where you need to replace worn brushes on your 1930 Chevrolet's 6 volt generator; plus, your distributor intestines of unknown origin don't seem to be producing spark for the spark plugs.

3. You have a Les Andrews Model A Repair Manual & a new Bratton's catalog under the front seat.

4. So with your cell phone, you call Bratton's phone number to overnight ship your parts to your Motel address.

5. Bratton's employees are nice, but puzzled as to what you have under the hood.

6. So you next call Snyder's & Bert's who really cannot offer much more help either.

7. Then with a touch of senior citizen CRS, you cannot remember whose intestines you placed in your distributor -- & Les's diagrams do not match what you have,

8. You & your wife get on the next Greyhound Bus to ride back home to get your pick-up truck with a tow rope.

9. I really cannot think of the moral of this story -- Can anyone offer something?
If it ain't broke don't fix it?.

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