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Default Old Points or Modern Points

What do most of you use? Modern points or Original Points? Below is why I am asking.

When I went to time my Engine as in the picture and instructions Purdy and Tom posted I noticed something different.

What I discovered is that someone changed to the V8 or "Modern" points and plate. I figured that is why when I timed it exactly as explained it didn't seem to have enough retard. I wondered if the modern plate may not have the points located on the plate at the exact same point as the original plate affecting the timing. I think it was Purdy that brought this to may attention.

So I bought new parts and changed back to the original set up. A couple things. First the points pin was not long enough to go through the phenolic and spacer to allow me to put the nut on with the lock washer. I left the lock washer off. Second I could not get the points lined up without filing the adjustment hole on the plate to line up the points block point and points, but I did get them aligned. I had to elongate the hole in the plate a little more. Is this common? I bought the parts from a very reputable source.

When it was all installed I noticed I had continuity between the plate and the points when open. I had to change the position of the wire connector on the bottom of the top plate and bend it down a bit. Should this be bent vertical to keep from shorting or am I tightening it down in the wrong position?

To time it I set the engine at top dead using the the pin and set the points to .020. I loosened the cam just enough to turn it with the cam wrench, put the rotor on with the body and rotated the rotor CCW first past the # 1 then went CW to set it to the picture. I assume this took all of the backlash out at the same time setting the timing correctly as in the picture. Did I do this backwards? It seems right to me.

Car starts fine but does not have that signature sound at full retard. It idles nice with the spark at 9:00 but farther down it idles a little rough. It would seem to me that is a little too advanced or is the way the A's run. Should I retard the timing a little more?

So what do most of you do. Modern points or original points

Thanks for any advice.. You guys are probably tired of all the questions.


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