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Default Re: Rear Axle Housing woes

With worn hub taper or worn axle taper, the hub can go too deep onto the axle, with issue of the inside of the brake drum or hub nuts that hold the brake drum to the wheel impinging on the brake shoes.

Proper fitting of wheel hub/drum should allow a slight gap between the drum and backing plate.

The felt in the outer cap shouldn't be fitted dry and thick as new, compress it some by rubbing in a little grease, that will let it seal better and allow the cap to go fully down, as long as the cap is correct for the axle year.

Axle key should fit with taper end into the taper section of the keyway nearest the axle. Square end engaging the hub keyway. If you stake the key a tad into the keyway, it will stay put. The key must fit snug. Look for wallowed out keyway if not.
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