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Default Re: IL-2 and AA collison

Sturmovik,a plane that struck fear in the panzer corps..low level attack bomber famed for its tank busting capabilities.The bottom of the fuselage was lined with 1/4" plate to protect the crew from ground fire..Soviet pilots were absolutely fearless,they would skirt the tree tops at full throttle firing that cannon below the exhaust..

As for the accident seen,the Soviets were a hardy,crazy bunch..on the approach to Germany in '45 many of the peasant troops hadn't seen such luxury..they commandeered bicycles,and so many of them were crushed by their own tanks on the march a directive was mandated,bicycle riding by red Army soldiers was banned..If you broke the rules in the Red Army is often led to a penal 'straf' battalion,who were often lined up in rows and marched through suspected german mine fields..a rudimentary mine detector..

The AA and A Gaz were perfect for them,robust,simple to operate and maintain,as an all purpose light truck for combat duty it was hard to beat..Like the sturmovik and the T34,the Red Army had simple,hardy and lethal equipment to beat the most technologically advanced army in the world at the time..

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