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Duke, since we didnít have a way to test the coil, it was the process of elimination. We talked about it and after everybody had put in their two-bits worth, I decided to go get a new coil, and they agreed with me. For $25.86, we were lucky and the new coil solved the problem. It was very possible that it wouldnít, but the decision to try a new one was arrived at unamiously by those four guys and myself. I know that there was at least two hundred years of mechanical experience behind that decision so it wasnít an off-hand decision.

Coils donít go bad that often. In the sixty plus years Iíve been working on cars, I think Iíve had two maybe three coils coils go bad. So, this was an exception, and something that I would have had one hell of time figuring out on my own.

I want to thank all of you for reading this, but donít think I havenít let those gentlemen who came a long ways to help me out how much I appreciated what they did.

Thanks again, everyone,

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