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Originally Posted by ursus View Post
Sounds like a good therapy session for the car and everyone involved. And some people wonder why we like messing around with Model A's?
I try to explain this to my 23 year old son, and my forty-five year old friend.. Wrenching on old cars is a style an rhythm all on its own.. we wrench for a while, sit back & drink coffee, discuss, sometimes we have to wait because we don't know what step we will take (not that we don't know how, just which is most efficient depends on which part of the car we are working on).. then we wrench some more.. I ask my son to come hold a wrench or two.. he does it then walks away.. I say, "we aren't done yet".. he says, "well what's next?" I say, wait a few minutes and we'll figure that out".. He doesn't get it.. you know why?..... no passion for it!

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