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Default It was the coil

Well, my ‘29 cabriolet now runs due to some of the guys from my model A club coming over and getting it that way. These guys from Henry’s Lady in Grants Pass OR call themselves the “Knuckle Busters” because they are the ones who go to a person’s home and physically help them out. They worked their asses off for hours yesterday, and it was cold. It was so wild to stand back, supply tools when needed, keep out of their way, and just watch and learn. Listening to their deduction and rationale was wonderful and very educational. I didn’t hear a single cuss word. Crap, there were several times when I would have been swearing to beat the band if it had been just me.

I had a heater hooked up so they could at least warm up their hands, because I know what happens when I work with cold hands, and it is bloody. I think blood was only drawn once by John our president. But still no cussing, just a loud OW! However, band-aids had come with them and he was patched up.

You know, I see a bunch of construction or road workers standing around talking, and I wonder how anything ever gets accomplished. These guys from my club would work for awhile, then talk for awhile about what they were discovering, then go back to work. After some discussion and debating, it was decided that the coil was bad. I ran down to NAPA and bought a new one while the guys got warm in my house, had hot coffee, and B.S.’d with my wife and dog.

It was the coil, and with a new one it started. With some carburetor adjustment and fiddling, that old engine finally purrs. Well, maybe not purrs, but close to it.

The main thing I learned yesterday was how much these guys care for one another. I’m not used to that and learned something really important. I’m not a joiner as a rule, but being part of this club has really opened my eyes about how great it can be to be part of something more than yourself.

Just like the Ford Barn forum being a part of something more than just myself has really opened my eyes. It it so wonderful to still be learning things at my age. And hey, these are very important things to be learning.

Maybe there’s still hope for me after all,

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