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Default 1950 Trunk Lid in Very Nice Condition

City: Abbottstown
State: Pa.
Price: $150

I have a trunk lid that came off my 50 Ford . It's in very nice condition and not rusted like most are . I have no hinges or locks for it . It's painted blue .

I had a 49 and a 50 Fords . The 49 came with 2 trunk lids . One was good and the other had all the braces cut out so I kept that one for my gasser drag car . I sold the 49 and kept the 50 Ford that I am building a gasser drag car from so I am selling the deck lid that came with the 50 and use the lighter lid from my 49 for the drag car that I will be building from my 1950 Ford .
It's very nice and a great buy for $150 !
I will try to get some pictures tomorrow if possible . It's being stored in my parts shed and we just had 3" of snow today . So I will have to clean the snow away to get the truck lid out to take some pictures .
If the part is paid in full , I will hold it and bring it with me to the Jalopy Showdown in May 2013 that I go to every year .
Price is firm and well with it .

If you have any questions , PLEASE send me a PM and I will get back to you .
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