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Default Re: Tutorial: patch repair to worn pinon splines '37

Hello Newc.

The problem with posting what you do is that you open yourself up to criticism from all. I'm not going to criticise, I hope it goes well. I'm always trying workarounds myself and think, oh well, if it doesn't work I'll just do it again differently.

I just wanted to offer a suggestion. If the loctite does degrade and any play reappears in the shaft to pinion splined joint, the pin will try and do the driving. It can't do that, and will snap. The pieces will come out and can cause noise or other problems.

I've had it happen a couple of times.

When I put the axle together in my roadster for the last time, I added a safety device to the pin by putting a hose clamp around it. If it breaks the clamp will keep the parts in place. I added two more clamps, one each side of the first, arranged at 120 degrees to each other to keep the first one in position and balance it out.

The second thing I did was to arrange the axle up on end with the shaft sticking straight up. I rotated the shaft and checked it for running true. I used application of weld on the shaft to pull it straight. (It was a modified 32 type tubular shaft.)

You might consider using one or both of these "tricks" to ensure a better chance of success.

I have some pics somewhere, but it's late here now and I need to turn in.

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