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Default Re: '34 Windshield Glass Replacement

We just put a windshield in my friend's '33 Tudor.

If you drill an 1/8" hole thru the hinges before you take them apart, you can stick a pin in there when reinstalling the windshield; saves readjusting it to the opening.

Once you get the old glass out, check that the new glass is the same. The computer patterns at the place my friend got his were wrong, we made out own new patterns which they copied and cut out with their cnc water jet machine.

Be sure to clean the frame of all the remnants of the glass tape along with outer seal.

It took a little persuasion with a rubber hammer to get the glass into the setting tape and the bottom of the frame in place.

He originally had a Vintique gasket which was way to stiff to fit the frame back in the car; bought a Drake seal and it was nice and pliable fit great.

We also used 3M yellow glue in the corners and the middle of the bottom to make sure it stayed in place.
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