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Default Re: Ford OHV V8 (Y Block) Cast Iron Rods

Thanks Hot Rod

'2x4 setups sold across the counter'

Okay.Same guy told me YOU CAN get a 2 4's setup to run.You just have to

keep working on it until it runs decent.

He was more decisive about one 4 barrel though.

'find about a man named Karol Miller'

Have magazine article telling what all he did to his OHV V8 to win a record

at Bonneville.

Land speed record run would point to two 4's.

They can work against you though.It depends on what you are doing with

the car.Depends on 'how much engine' you have to use that extra venturi

area.That is what it is called in old articles before cfm testing (flow bench)

was wide spread.
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