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Default Re: Od solenoid with a key on the plunger

I have never seen a OD plunger with a key that would fit a keyway inside the solenoid.
This makes the plunger rod FIXED instead of being able to adjust the plunger to fit the transmission your using it on.
For example, I have a T86 overdrive on my 55 ford, the T86`s I have had (2) both need the plunger flats to be aligned in the 7-2 o`clock position in order to be able to insert and turn the solenoid 1/4 turn to lock into the pawl in the transmission.
The solenoids I have, lock in the orientation of the plunger shaft because the end of the shaft is hexagonal in shape and this mates with a hexagonal design inside the solenoid. Bu using a hexagonal shape, the plunger can be set with it`s flats in six (6) different positions to fit different tranny`s. The picture of the plunger with a key is something I had not seen before. WHAT APPLICATIONS WERE THEY USED ON ?
will try to post a picture of the hex plunger shaft.
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