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Default Re: Ford OHV V8 (Y Block) Cast Iron Rods

My Pop had an F600 bob tail truck that he bought new in 1961. He kept that truck up into the 2000s until it finally threw a rod. He found another 292 engine for it and had it overhauled to put back in there. He traded it off for a dual tandem truck after that. We were never easy on it. Pop was as easy on it as he could be but he used to drive it up to Denver from southwestern KS to pick up barrels of dry cleaning fluid for his 2nd wife's shop so he put some miles on it before it finally broke. Because of this, I can't argue about them throwing rods. I do believe they were forged though. Ford liked to make them with minimal materials. The flathead rods are dainty little things but they are tough as nails. You have to drive them with no oil to get them to let go.
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