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Default Re: Stuck Piston Rings

Originally Posted by Hyvolt View Post
Have to add a comment here.
I never believed any additive would help much on issues like stuck rings, but I tested it for my self on a 2010 Honda.

Due to lack of maintenance from previous owner, my car was using right at 1 quart per 1000 miles. So, after allot of pondering, I decided to try some additives, what do I have to lose?
Could it get worse?

I added 1 quart to the crankcase when the car was low, then drove the car all kinds of hard for 500 miles, ( one week in my commute). Dropped the oil out and went back to normal oil.

Now I'm at 1/2 quart use in 4200.

I don't believe it myself. But I am a meticulous record keeper, and the numbers are there.
Good luck

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Well, that was dumb of me. I added Marvel Mystery Oil. To above subject.

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