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Default Re: Rumble Seat vs. trunk values

I have never had a trunk lid on my special coupe and have no trouble filling it with cargo should it be needed. I have even carried two Tudor doors in the back. If you have a rear spare and trunk you've got to load from the side of the spare. A Spare and rumble means I load from the fender side. Bulkier items, like a large box or a fender, I just pull the bottom seat out and slide the item in. If its really big, it's only two screws to pull the back cushion out as well. The rumble always draws comments and stories from by-standers. But how many tales would you hear about riding in the trunk?
This is all moot to me now as my new 31' AA is nearing completion and the rumble will remain for sunny day passengers. Anybody got an old Tux-Away they don't need?
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