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Default Re: Rumble Seat vs. trunk values

Originally Posted by P.S. View Post
For safety reasons, I would NEVER put someone in the rumble seat of a Model A unless it was for a parade.

I cannot think of a more unsafe way to operate a Model A than to place a human being in a rumble seat. God help them if (when) you get rear-ended, sideswiped, run off the road, etc.

Besides...... All you need to do is look at the trunk space available in a trunk equipped coupe to know that is a good thing. My friend has a 29 with the trunk still and it is awesome! It gets lots of attention.

In my opinion, the coupe with a trunk is far more valuable (and increasingly rare) than the coupes with rumble seats.

And what about the person in the front seat when all these tragedies happen. Will they go unscathed ? Pretty weak argument as I see it !
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