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Default Re: Rumble Seat vs. trunk values

Originally Posted by peters180a/170b View Post
This question was asked before ...Rumble seat gets a few more bucks .The "A" people in the know... that a roadster [30/31] is RARE with a trunk. The trunk is more practical in all ways... Over the years i don't know why someone would pay more for a rumble seat unless they have Grand kids...but think again,, now a days would you seat anyone in a rumble seat driving on the roads today WITH all the crazy's out there ???? ... I restored a 30 standard roadster with a trunk and received more compliments then someone with a Deluxe Roadster with a rumble seat...Coupes are no different...
I see that too. When I see a '30 or '31 Roadster especially, with a trunk, my eye is more drawn to THAT car I guess because so many were converted to rumble seats. Don't get me wrong I love a Dlx. Roadster but go gaga (sorry Lady) over a '30-'31 STANDARD Roadster and with the rear mount spare. And blackwalls and black rims. Just an opinion means nothing, but in answer to the original question 'yes' a rumble seat will add a few more dollars in value over a trunk................
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