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Default Re: Rumble Seat vs. trunk values

Hi Smitty,

FWIW; Simple response, (from a Simple person):

Rumble vs. Trunk Value may depend on "who" is buying the Coupe, i.e.:

A. A more cautious guy who would prefer hand rails on a foot bridge when crossing a deep gorge with his grandkids may prefer a Coupe with a trunk; &,

B. A less cautious guy who would prefer to cross a deep gorge on a tight rope with his grandkids with no safety net below may prefer a Coupe with rumble seat.

C. Then after throwing in the Senior Citizen Factor, appears most Seniors who drive around fast driving cell phone users today would prefer to go the hand rail route.

D. In summary, appears the Coupe's value just depends on different values.

Hope this helps.
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