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Default Re: Removing backrest seat in 30 A coupe


Oddly enough, the seat back does not come off the frame without some disassembly. It is actually upholstered TO the wood frame. I would not recommend removing it unless you are going to reupholster it. If it is in the way of something else you are doing, just pull the whole frame out. In fact, I would say if you are going to pull off the seat back, my first step would be to remove the frame from the car anyway.

If you need to remove the backrest from the frame...

The expandable fabric that goes to the parcel shelf is held to the back of the seat with wood screws though a metal bar. Remove this piece.

Then, there is a piece of fabric under that bar, which is tacked to the frame. These tacks would need to be removed. The fabric then folds up and there is a rattan strip nailed across the top of the seat that would need to be removed.

Once that is done, you would need to remove the tacks across the top of the seat that are securing the seat fabric (at this point you are exposing the stuffing inside the seat).

Lastly, there are a couple fabric "loops" that are wrapped around the spring assembly and nailed to the wood frame. These are likely visible from the back.

I think that is everything to get it free.

Can I ask what you are doing that is prompting you to remove it? I also saw your other question regarding the parcel shelf.

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