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Default October 1928 Production Roadster- Matching Numbers

I sold a very similar unpainted reproduction body Roadster last year. This car is an original body not a reproduction car. So beyond that, I donít have had no good sense of the Model A market because Iím an enthusiast, not a parts or car dealer...but...I have been hearing it repeatedly called: Ďsoftí...I believe that good values sell first in soft here I am testing how soft the market is, or is not.

I have owned this car since I was still just a 12 year old kid, saving my money working in my dadís diesel shop. so I was a kid with access to indoor storage, thatís how Iíve been able to keep it. Iím now over 60 yrs old. Walt Brattonís father helped me find this car in MD when I was just about to become a teenager. I have mixed feelings selling it, but my sonís interests are in our older model BMW. This October Ď28 build is a original car with selective replacement parts installed over years of maintenance. Original floor boards, Matching Frame & Engine Numbers & Ford script valves and pistons. This car isnít a bunch of reproduction parts Ďrestoredí as a catalog kit car. Itís been repainted, but itís a correct, complete car, perfect original Front fenders, and original NOS LIKE (bolt marks) rear fenders. Itís has always been an east coast car originally from the state of Maryland. Original OLD 1950ís issued open title (I was 12 yrs old when I bought it, and I worked with some pretty smart mechanics).

$15,500 is a Firm price with a few various parts options to tweak any sale. From what I see on various sites, i have fairly priced this car for good reason. I want to control who buys it. If you desire a finer point price, bring a trailer and we can talk about options. Iím in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks for your interest.

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