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Default 1940 Ford Clutch Whine - Transmission Removal

I have a 1940 Ford Tudor w/an 8BA flathead. This car has about 2500 miles on it since changing the motor. Before putting this engine in, I bought a new 10" clutch disc, new pressure plate, new throw out bearing, & I had my local machine shop resurface the flywheel.

Now I have put around 2500 miles on it & when I press the clutch pedal in it is making a whine sound. I am wondering if this could possibly be coming from the throw out bearing? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if I have to change the bearing - I am going to change the transmission & rear axle at the same time as I have a freshly rebuilt trans & rear axle w/3.54 gears. How does one get the trans out after pulling the rear axle? With the X member there really isn't any clearance to pull the trans back?
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