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Default Re: I am so happy......With my 1500W gear oil...

Back, many years ago, I worked in a company named Sesco/Bay machine and we made vibration dampers for heliocopters. It was a simple device consisting of a " barrel " and a shaft with vanes on it. Much like a model A shock. We used in different models, a 1500 and a 2000 wgt oil. This oil was clear as water and poured alike cement. We had to fill them at night and let the bubbles float to the surface over night. Then refill them in the morning. I believe this was real 1500 weight oil and would cancel a lot of HP as the gears plowed through it. However, it would have done a great job of slowing the gears in the trans down and probably not leaked any of it out. Who makes it? It was a long time ago and I don't recall the refiner. But it is something to remember, that this stuff is made.
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