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Default Re: Electrical question

While we all are using either an original or repop amp meter the idea was generally a bad one and that is why you do not see them on cars or boats much anymore.

Reason? All the charging and discharging amperage goes through a very week link... the meter!

Volt meters replaced amp meters many years ago. They run only on voltage and do not require heavy ga. wire since the amp load is not passing through the meter.

I have seen some folks that tour by pass the Amp meter (keep it there for looks) and then add a volt meter under the dash. A quick glance and you can see what the voltage is. at 6 volt will be running approx. 6.8-7 volts when receiving charge. 12 volt will go as high as 14.2 volts with full output.

By bypassing the amp with heavy wire it greatly reduces the change of fire under the dash which is never a good thing.
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