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I should have included what was written about the vehicle from the seller, but that of course is the basis of buying any vehicle, being what is presented.
states a very solid car that runs very well and needs nothing immediately, but yes, can be restored from here if wished.

Brent these are the type of cars I enjoy buying and driving and tinkering with. I have looked for a good while for a 400 and not many come up in this condition. Fully restored ones are a dime a dozen, well almost and lag on the mkt. As mentioned, there is a beautiful one for 50k and open to offers.
The only thing that concerns me would be the radiator and I consider that a very minor fix. A new one from Bergs and you are done. Regarding rusty gas tanks, I have a couple of A's with pencil filters and glass bowls and have never been left stranded, but no, I dont drive that many miles a year.
This car wouldnt go more then 500 miles a year with me driving. Regarding my restoration abilities, I consider myself in the bottom 1/3 of everyone here. I have learned so much from those on the Ford Barn, but I am smart enough to stay away from major work. You dont see me discussing engine tolerances or valve lapping. While I enjoy reading about it, I take the path of least resistance and would prefer to drop in a new rebuilt motor to rebuilding one.
Anyway, 400s dont come up often and I thought this one to be a good buy. For me anyway.
I would drive up to see the car, look it over well and pay in cash. Then I would call AAA and they would tow it home for me on my Premier Plan.

AAA has been very good to me..........
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