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Originally Posted by aermotor View Post
Brent, I don't disagree with what you are saying but I think a vehicle that you are describing with problems you pointed out corrected, rebuilt engine, new wood, in other words TOTAL restoration would be closer to $60 to $70 thousand - so the selling price wasn't that bad. After all the value of a vehicle is what the seller and buyer agree to.


John, I would agree with your thoughts on that. And, at the hammer price, it appears that someone else placed a higher value on it than even what Ronn did.

One other comment that was sent to me privately which makes a great thought, is if someone bid $25k plus transportation expenses on that car, either they knew the vehicle and felt it was a worth the money, or they were possibly trying to shill bid it. I think their point was similar to a comment I made the other day and that is that selling price is enough money that most hobbyists would expect to do a personal inspection on a vehicle prior to committing to pay that amount of funds. Yes?? No?? Thoughts??


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