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Originally Posted by ronn View Post
sorry Brent, never said show car bubble- said not to burst your bubble.

difference in symantics and no, was not putting you down. was simply stating that this car is the one I would want, not a restored one.
and yes, I agree with what Paul is stating. and yes Brent, it does need work.

typed statements dont always come across as intended.....

All is well. So let's play Devil's Advocate for a tad and see if we can turn this into a discussion that others can benefit from. To begin with, folks need to understand that you are an accomplished restorer, so what others may struggle with should be a piece of cake for you.

Since I mentioned the wood, how deteriorated do/would you expect it to be, -and if hard & brittle, how long would you expect it to last if you were to drive/tour with it 5k-6k miles a year with regard to ody rigidity to keep doors latched during driving?

What would you expect to find with the engine? If let's say that it had a 1960's Sears & Roebuck rebuilt engine, what would your expectations be with it and how far would you trust it to go?

What about the gas tank? Would you use it as-is or would you try to restore it before driving on tours? Maybe the same question regarding brakes, wiring, tires/tubes, etc?? Exactly what would you do if you had purchased it??

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