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Originally Posted by ronn View Post
not to burst your bubble, but everyone doesnt necessarily want a show car........ I know I dont.

There is a beautiful restored one for 50k and a bargain, if that is what YOU want.
out of my budget.

Ronn, did you even go look at this car? If so, is what I am pointing out actually true??

And, ...just so we are clear, your comment regarding me being in a Show Car bubble is in poor taste. No one including me ever said anything about a show car. If it was the car you wanted and at the right price, then that is great but my opinion as to the street value of this vehicle counters yours, ...and if that offends you, then I apologize.

Additionally, my response was not made to any of your comments, but to Marshall's comment where he stated it was a steal at $25k. Again, please share with me what you feel like it will cost to make this vehicle safe & reliable, and what all you feel it will take to do so.

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