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Originally Posted by Marshall V. Daut View Post
That was a steal!!!
400-A #1080

Really?? Realistically what are you buying for $25k?? IMHO, you are buying a parts car that is fully assembled. In my view, this car brought all the money and then some.

To explain where I am coming from, you have a vehicle where the paint is kinda tired, and likely you will find the wood infrastructure is too. With old 85 year old wood, I would not gamble the price of a paint job and interior trimming on tired 85 year old wood. Next you have tired reproduction upholstery that appears to have a rip across the seat cushion. The vehicle needs major radiator work, and likely needs to have the gas tank restored due to rust. The bottom line is I would expect to find other items such as the worn brake & clutch pedals to be indicative the entire condition of the car. A nice bodystye, and likely a good platform to begin a restoration with, but IMHO it was a lot of money to spend for a vehicle in this condition.


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