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Default Re: Another Body Number Puzzle

Originally Posted by Tudortomnz View Post
ok, these body numbers can be somewhat imprecise & after more than 80yrs, tricky to read.
What makes you think the first ''I'' digit is Indiannapolis plant?? My Tudor has a -- between the plant letter & the body number [ F4-17035]. Looks to me like your body # is 10419 & other one is 8277 with no sign in pics of a plant letter? I have seen low body #'s from the Ontario Plant & they did not have a 0 in front, but not to say they do not exist.
Just my opinion, & its good that you are interested in Ford Production.

Hmmm. Good question Tudortomnz. Until now, I thought the location stamp would accompany the body number. What are the chances of 2 Tudors in the family and both are missing the location stamp? Who else out there lacks the location stamp and is it possible to find out the manufacturing origin?
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