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Default Re: Dealing with pitted body panels?

I will tell you that all polyester-based high-build primers are great at filling, but I prefer using Evercoat's SelectSand or their SuperBuild simply because of the solids in the primer.

People do not realize how much time it takes to properly prime body panels. This becomes more of a critical item when your time has a value to it. Think of it in this light, to mix any polyester primer requires mix time and should be allowed to set while it cross-links. Therefore budget anywhere from 15-20 to shake it, mix it, allowing it to cross-link, and tp load your gun. Polyester primers are VERY sensitive to sprayed mil thicknesses. A painter needs to be using no less than a 2.0 tip (we use a 2.2), and the painter needs to apply no more than medium density coats. (It will trap air and not cure properly if heavy coats are applied) Also critical in that time is proper flash times (-the wait time between coats). In a spray booth environment where we can move a large quantity of air over the surface, we still find ourselves spending 15-20 minutes between coats. Longer times will be needed for no/low air circulation environments.

Generally speaking you will need to apply 3 medium coats to get a nice laydown and good build. If the laydown is not there (i.e.: very orange-peel like) then you will spend extra time/labor sanding the orange peel away. So not counting the time to stage the parts that are needing priming, you will have a minimum of an hour in spraying any poly-based high-build primer applied. Time is money, and if one product has half the solids at half the price, where you must re-prime the parts to get the same mil thickness build as the heavier solids product, is it the other the right product to use? I'm not saying the Eastwood is a bad product, but IMO there are better bangs for your buck and use of your valuable time.

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