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Default Re: I could not sit idle, have a new project

I have been doing some more work on the outer body panels and and have installed some of the floor pans, but in looking at the metal shaping that will bve required for the front and rear body sections, I felt that I needed to have a post shrinker for getting into the corners of the panels, so I have been working on this design for making a machine to use the smaller 40mm Eckold shrinking die sets.

I intend to waterjet the side panels, get a motor from a scrap yard (that I found this afternoon, with just the right gearbox), a few bearings around the shop and a couple of pulleys brings me to this drawing that I have been working on the two days.

Initial layout results in 94 strokes per minute, initial 3/16" die opening and an adjustable down feed handle. The handle is pushed up at the rear by a hardened 4140 'cam' with a 5/8" offset making an 1-1/4" stroke at the rear. The bottom of the arm is fitted with a 1/4" thick replaceable brass gib plate. The front die holder is made so that you can use either 40mm or the larger Eckold dies as well as the Marchant dies. The adaptors shown are identicle to the ones I made for my marchant to use the smaller Eckold 40mm dies.

I am gaining in enthusiasm for being able to shrink in a small area, and was unhappy with the wider Marchant shrinking dies, as well as the wide areas at the dies, so I put in a taller pedestal.

I got way behind working on the Model A Panel truck, so work on this machine may be quite slow, but I hope to complete it in the next few months, money and time permitting.





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