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Default Re: Car Show Yesterday

I went to several car shows mostly to see the nice work that is done on preserving the older cars. I did enter a small town car show once was put on by the local car club there and /the officrs of the club owned a body shop there my 59 rancnero was parked by the group running the show, way out away from much of the acttivities but my money to enter was taken at the head table. caars came from about 150 mile radius and there was some buities ther too!! I was not even expecting to get an award so I am not disapointed but when the awards were presented the family of the officers won every first second and third place on their own cars some of the few cars they owned got a few awards stacked upon the same car!! I dont beleive they ever sponsered anoyher car show in that town again!! I secretly went a bought a tiny little plastic trophy and gave it to my good old ford!!

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