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Default Re: Car Show Yesterday

Somewhere round '97 or '98 during scorching heat of summer there was a gigantic car show/swap meet up around Bloomington, I think. I drove up there in my '55, not for the show, I was interested in the swap meet. First and last one I ever went to, only because they're so far away. That's the closest one that ever came round here.
You'd see the most fascinating things and run into people who were will known in the business way back then, like Norb Doll, Bob Burgess, Ken Lysle, Larry Witthoeft, probably all dead now. Met many wonderful and friendly people, saw lots of things and bought a few needy items for my '55 Courier which was in process of body-off-frame restoration at the time.
Ran across an old guy who looked exactly like Gabby Hayes (including the tattered cowboy hat) who had less than a dozen items for sale laying on the ground at his booth. I stopped and asked him; is that a Ford-o-matic bellhousing for a 223 I-6? Naw, he said, that's fer a '49 flathead.
I can't think of a time I ever had so much fun. Arrived around 9am and walked thru till evening and still did not see all the booths, but couldn't stay for another day to see the rest. Probably sweated off 7 lbs that day, but never noticed till I got back home.
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