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Default Re: Harmonic Balancer

Originally Posted by Dave in MN View Post
I have one of the described dampening pulleys on my '31. To replace the belt, I need to remove the front spring bolt nuts and slide the u-bolts up and to the side to allow enough clearance between the front of the pulley to allow the belt to pass. After doing it once, it actually only takes about 15 minutes start to finish. It can be done on the road without any special tools or jack.

I have stock rear engine mounts so I know my engine is correctly located front to rear. I have a T-5 transmission installed and with the needed rear transmission cross support, it is not possible to raise the front of the engine easily when needing to replace the belt while on the road. The front lower edge of Murray's dampener is about 3/8" away from the front spring u-bolts and it is not possible to force a belt between. Removing the u-bolt nuts, lifting the u-bolts over the edge of the crank guide and up out of the cross-member while sliding them both to the side or completely out clears enough space to pass the belt between the dampener and the front cross-member. All this can be completed with the front of the car on the ground.
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Have you considered a sectional belt as shown in post #8?
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