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Default Re: Looking for a new job-maybe...

Let me clarify my thoughts on to my pondering a class for transmission rebuilding. I’m not really interested in doing a seminar for the general public. In other words, for guys who would like to rebuild their own tranny, I feel that our transmission rebuild book plus the general advice available on the internet (including the Fordbarn) is sufficient for most aspiring mechanics.

What I really had in mind was a focused school in the early Ford transmission rebuilding that covers these in an in-depth way. The intention would be to attract people who are interested in this work but also those who think they could build a repair business for the job. This might be an extension of a general line vintage auto repair shop who would like to expand into this specialty. Or it might be someone like us who just wanted to focus on the early Ford transmission work.

I never thought that this rebuild business would grow the way it has and we have more work than we can handle. I’ve often felt that a group of qualified transmission specialists located around the country might make sense. You wouldn’t believe how many phone inquiries we get from individuals who can’t find anyone local to them for this work.

If there is a good interest in doing this, I will put something together with a date and place. I figure that we could handle up to 10 or 12 people and I’d like to stick to the concept that I have described above. If the interest isn’t there we’ll just keep on plugging away until retirement smacks me in the face.

Comments are welcome here on this thread but specific questions can also be directed to me via private message.
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