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Default Re: 8BA doesnt have power

Originally Posted by tubman View Post
Just a side note. I really like the small base 4G's as well. I got real lucky and found a matched pair (both from '53 Olds Stick cars!) that I rebuilt for an early Offenhauser dual quad on a '51 Rocket. That was about 5 years ago. Lately, I cannot find a decent core for under $100 (on eBay, a lot more). Even small base 2G's are getting difficult to find and expensive. This led to my ill-fated project of trying to put a quadrajet on a flathead.

I ran into the same problem trying to find a WCFB in rebuildable condition, prices were $200+. Ended up going the 390 Holley route. Not the look I wanted but performance is good and a dog dish air cleaner cover hides most of the carb.
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